Bredesen’s Trip to China

Apparently, some Republicans are being critical  of Bredesen’s  trip to China.

Zach Wamp criticized Bredesen for “glossing over” concerns about China.

Ridiculous.  I commend Bredesen on his efforts to expand our trading relationships.  The downside in working with China are the human rights concerns, of course.  But, I have to agree with Bredesen when he says that “The world is a much safer place if China and the United States are finding ways that they are mutually dependent, instead of just
throwing verbal bombshells at each other across the Pacific.”  Here here.  I couldn’t agree more.

Certainly, there are problems.  But, this is to be expected, given China’s political shift.  Nevertheless, we must look at the amount of progress that has been made in China, in recent years.  Of course, I would never defend human rights violations.  But, what would you rather have… a China that is isolationist and distancing itself from the West… or a partner who is being exposed to Western democracies and our democratic notions of human rights?  I’ll take the latter… any day.

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