Fred is waiting too damn long

An article this morning in the Wall Street Journal discusses the “Tennessee Mafia”: Baker, Alexander, Thompson, and Frist. Ted Welch has been instrumental in the successful political careers of all 4 of these men. However, the article goes on to discuss how Welch is already committed to Romney. Why? Because FRED HAS WAITED TO DAMN LONG.

Fred has to get in this race right now or it will be too late. Romney just raised $25 million in the recent quarter. Look, we know Fred can raise money. And, we know that Republicans are looking for an alternative. But, the Democrats were looking for an alternative in 2004. Many thought Wesley Clark was that alternative. He raised some money and “ker-plunk”. Look, Fred is, most definitely, a viable candidate. But, I point this out to say that he is NOT invincible. It is not just money that we are talking about here. People are choosing who they will support. Every day that goes by without declaring is a lost opportunity. Fred has to declare before his options in New Hampshire and Iowa are dried up. Now is the time.

As Haley Barber said last week, “Hillary can raise more money than a mule!”… whatever that means. But that is what Fred is up against. Even with this abilities, to get in the race at this point will be difficult. He still must build an organization and a campaign team. And, I fear that the good talent is being taken up by the other campaigns. Now is the time… now is the time….

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