OK kids, stand up and do the Tennessee salute!

While part of me says, “hey, this is kind of cool”, another part of me just feels this is a little strange.  But, maybe it is a good thing . . . a little reverence for a great, historic state.  At the same time, isn’t this the kind of thing you do when an organization is starting?  I mean . . . I am really into Tennessee history.  And, I had no idea that someone had written a salute.  Interesting.  Oh, well, I doubt most adults will go back and learn the salute.  Here, I have my own suggestion for a Tennessee pledge . . .

     “I pledge allegiance to the flag, you know the one with three stars on it . . .

     And, to the three very diverse and ideologically distinct grand divisions.

     One state, under massive financial strain, indivisible (except when the Vols and Dores play each Fall). 

     With liberty – except for the huge state sales tax – and justice for all.”

I doubt my version has the fervor of the one that has already been written.

Blogging will be light for the rest of the week.  I am leaving for L.A. today to be best man in a dear Navy friend’s wedding.  I’ll post pics of the Catalina Islands (where the wedding is) when I return.  Adios!

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