11 thoughts on “One of the greatest SNL skits ever — Buckwell’s Follies

  1. Yeah, the video seems to be missing. But one that sticks in my mind from SNL is Sally Field ripping on pharmaceuticals.

  2. Not sure if it’s on youtube or not, but if you do a search for: “buckwell’s follies youtube” in Google, the first result that comes up is the Buckwell’s Follies video on the NBC website.

  3. Hi Phil Ayres,
    Interesting Post, When a biggest hits album is introduced by a still-active musician, it almost happens across as a little bit of a retirement announcement. When an artist will get to the position whereby they have adequate chart toppers to fill an album on their individual, it often suggests that they are at the end of their profession and just about prepared to both pack it in, or make a dwelling as basically their possess address band, playing their high hits at town festivals and giant pub venues to hard cash in on their when-stimulating job. (Want evidence? Choose a start looking at Chuck Berry and quite substantially any group that was large in the eighties. Pink is a quite totally different tale.

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